Gabrielle Hubert, Magic Révolution Founder

After 10 years spent in the cosmetics industry, Gabrielle Hubert was feeling bored and useless and decided to expand her knowledge with the Camilli Method. The Camilli Method is a French body psychotherapy especially dedicated to healing psychosomatic and emotional issues. As a certified somatotherapist (‘Soma’= Body in Greek) in the Camilli Method since 2008, Gabrielle has added NLP techniques to the Jungian basics of the Method. On the Gold Coast since 2014, and improving her English, Gabrielle was able to think about a new career direction. Through a wealth of personal experience and professional training, Gabrielle supports committed people on their journey to health and wellness. Magic Révolution mainly combines the Camilli method with image consulting to optimize your feeling of self-worth, harmony, confidence and complete mind and body re-connection.