Created in 1956 by Claude Camilli, a French Jungian psychologist-analyst, the Camilli® Method is a body psychotherapy that is related to Psychoanalysis, Sophrology, Somatotherapy, Dream Interpretation and Camilli® Massage. '

The touch used in the Camilli® Method is derived from Camilli® Massage. It is a very special technique, very different from conventional massages. In fact, it is like a language. The recipient uses this language which allows him/her to play an active role, to discover the reactions of his/her body and the memories that are related to it. The body has, indeed, many things to say and there is often a great advantage to listening to it. But listening to it is not enough because we must understand it. This is one of the peculiarities of the method.

The psychic and the physical do not have the same way of feeling, and can be in dissonance, creating a feeling of ambivalence or an unpleasant feeling. In this case, we can estimate that factors remain in the domain of the unconscious. The basic principle of the method is essentially to help you gradually to make contact with reality, without introducing any notions that are foreign to you, to establish a dialogue between your head and your body, each one becoming an interlocutor in its own right.

You then have all the tools you need to consciously make the best choices. You are also better able to manage your body, especially the spine which is just one of the advantages of the method.

This diagram shows how scientists have determined what influences happiness.

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'360° Révolution Process' mainly uses Camilli Method, body psychotherapy and Image Consulting


Because each technique involves people on the way of changes, inside and outside. As a consequence of this, people start to change their behaviour, according to their own choices.